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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Reviews

  • “Dr. Guzzo is good.”
    – Toni B.
  • “Excellent. Dr. Tompkins is the best of the best. A++”
    – David H.
  • “Dr. Guzzo was very professional and helpful in explaining everything to me! After meeting him for the first time, I feel very confident with the next step which is surgery! I would definitely recommend him to others in the future.”
    – Mary F.
  • “Dr. Anderson was friendly, professional, informative. Provided guidance and talked us through the problem. Worked out a plan with us to resolve the condition.”
    – Jessica K.
  • “Very personable. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his field of medicine. He listened to my concerns and explained what he wanted to do and accomplish to my level of understanding. A physician who listens and is not judgmental is extremely important in picking them as the person who cares for me. I'm glad I decided to go to him rather than continue to suffer in pain.”
    – Khadijah H.
  • “Dr. Miller took his time with me. He explained all my treatment options and did not rush me into making a decision. Would definitely recommend Dr. Miller to family and friends.”
    – Sandra G.
  • “Dr. Thompkins was a dream for the problems my wife was going through. He was a compassionate, respectful all-around great person. From the bottom of both our hearts, thanks, Dr. Thompkins! And his wife's company makes awesome gourmet peanut butter.”
    – Charles H.
  • “I was real pleased with Doctor Usmani, and he seemed to know what he was talking about. He explained what was going on with my feet, and now maybe we can try to get to the bottom of things.”
    – Jeanette G.
  • “Dr. Usmani is very professional but always very warm and down to earth. I am very comfortable asking him questions, and he answers in a way I can understand and is neither condescending nor uses technical jargon. I don’t feel rushed, but he is still efficient. His treatment plan for me is working great! I love the fact that he is double board certified. I highly recommend it.”
    – Suzann H.
  • “One of the best experiences I have had with medical doctors. I experienced a high degree of explanations, facts, humor, communication, and overall care about my situation from Dr. Rao.”
    – Dave M.
  • “Dr. Miller is very attentive, compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to EVERYONE.”
    – Robyn B.
  • “It was a great first appointment. I feel very confident with Dr. Miller’s treatment plan.”
    – Sandra D.
  • “Dr. Usmani is very knowledgeable and kind. He addressed all issues! 5 stars all the way.”
    – Lisa H.
  • “I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Usmani and the courteous and professional staff.”
    – John P.
  • “Encounter with Doctor Tyndall was a hallmark. He actually read my file, and he actually listened to me. Rendered his professionals assessment and judgment. I definitely will recommend this doctor to anyone.”
    – Shareese U.