Patient-Proof My Bathroom

Preparation Guide

It is important to place emphasis on preparing your bathroom for postsurgical use because it is an area of the house where accidents are significantly more likely. Bathrooms are often tight spaces with a number of slippery surfaces and small appliances or utensils. Following these precautions can help you avoid an accident that could cause re-injury.

  • Place the toiletries that you’ll need within easy reach on your counter so that you don’t have to strain to rummage through drawers or medicine cabinets.
  • Ensure that you have an adequate supply of toiletries for your recovery period. You should set out additional rolls of toilet paper, as opposed to storing them under the sink.
  • If your towels are stored in low places, such as in baskets or bottom cupboards, make sure they are within comfortable reach without the need to stoop or bend over.
  • Set out a handheld mirror if you will need it to monitor your wound or for assistance in grooming.
  • When it comes to showering or bathing, you should have a slip-resistant mat inside of the bathtub and a slip-resistant rug outside of the bathtub to reduce the risk of falling. You may also want to consider installing handrails to assist you when getting in and out.