The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Ruter
  • “I went in for an ankle x-ray and thought everyone there was great! Dr. Ruter has a calm and caring demeanor, which I appreciated. He’s also handsome, so that’s good.”
    – Jennifer T.
  • “They have a great staff, very kind and the Doctor was amazing! ”
    – Heather N.
  • “Dr. Ruter was kind.”
    – Tammie B.
  • “Dr. Ruter was awesome. He made sure I understood everything. Never rushed me or made me feel hurried. He went above and beyond answering all of my questions and concerns, no matter how insignificant they seemed. His surgical skills were outstanding. He turned my mangled ankle whole again. He even caught a deeper underlying problem that kept me from another surgery. He's very caring and compassionate. He gets ten stars from me!”
    – Allyl M.
  • “Having had a bad experience with another doctor, less than a year ago. It’s been enjoyable going to someone very knowledgeable and thorough in his field. ”
    – Lisa K.
  • “Very professional and excellent interpersonal skills. I felt that my concerns were heard and addressed. Very thorough in explaining issues and treatment plan. His confidence in understanding my problem was reassuring. He explained my problems in a manner in which I could understand. ”
    – Sam P.
  • “Dr. Ruter is a phenomenal doctor. He is gifted in his field of medicine, but that would mean nothing if he could not communicate with his patients. Dr. Ruter always, every visit, says "Tell me what is going on.” He does not interrupt, but he actively listens to what I am saying. He is thorough. I never feel he dismisses my concerns, and always looks me in the eye when he speaks or is listening to me. His staff is kind, alert to the patient a Dr.’s needs to create a smooth office visit. ”
    – Jerry W.
  • “Dr. Ruter is concerned with customized care for my particular needs. He listens to my concerns and prescribes what is best for me. My surgery went very well, and my recovery is on target as he described. He prescribed aids and medicine to keep my recovery as painless and comfortable as possible. He doesn’t mince words in regards to expectations. I feel like I get a straight picture of my care and prognosis and I know what to expect. My confidence in him strengthened when he challenged test results before my surgery. ”
    – Christine M.
  • “Dr. Aaron Ruter is the best Podiatrist in the area! Excellent diagnostic skills, patient answering my stupid questions, and encouraging as I implement his recommended treatment for my Plantars Faciatis!”
    – John S.
  • “Dr. Ruter is very approachable and makes things very easy to understand. He put me at ease immediately, and I had to go for surgery directly the next day! Every single time I see him, he makes me feel like I am the most critical patient and if I need him, he is there for me. I do not always feel that way with all doctors! Dr. Ruter is hands down excellent! Thank you for taking such good care of not only me but also putting my husband’s mind at ease throughout this process as well! ”
    – Carmen S.
  • “Very nice doctor. ”
    – Ebony L.
  • “I can honestly say that my experience with Dr. Ruter has been excellent. He is one of the only doctors I’ve ever been to that tells me how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything which I appreciate tremendously. He made me incredibly comfortable while getting ready for surgery and while in the operating room. I wouldn’t want any other doctor. ”
    – Kyle M.
  • “Explained details good to me to help me with my ankles. ”
    – Ann B.
  • “Dr. Ruter is a Godsend! Luckily I found him from a referral to the website! I was initially told I needed two surgeries from a local dr and just had a gut feeling to get that second opinion! I’m so glad I did, Dr. Ruter has been straightforward and honest with me from day one, he is very severe yet humorous when need be! I love that about him he has an excellent bedside manner and will refer to him for anyone asking for a podiatrist and nerve specialist. ”
    – Dana B.
  • “Very professional and knowledgable.”
    – Sharon F.