Best Practices for a Successful Telemedicine Visit

OrthoLive App

  • Once your visit is scheduled, you will receive a text message with instructions for downloading the OrthoLive app.
  • Download the app and follow the instructions to set up your account.
  • Allow plenty of time to set up the app prior to your visit.

Audio / Visual / Technical

  • Make sure that your microphone and camera are on.
  • Adjust the volume level on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

Existing Zoom Accounts

  • If you already have a Zoom account, the app will likely tell you that you already have an account and ask you to change your password.
  • This must occur so you can connect via OrthoLive with the provider.

Positioning Your Phone or Camera

  • Prop your phone in a manner that will allow the provider to see the injured area.
    • Eye-level is recommended for the elbow, shoulder, and neck.
    • Waist level is recommended for the hip and knee.
    • Floor level is recommended for the foot and ankle.
  • If positioning the camera is difficult, you may want to have a family member or trusted friend assist you by holding the camera during the visit.
  • It is not recommended that you personally hold the phone for your own visit.
    • It is important to remember both the phone and the patient cannot be in motion at the same time.


  • The camera should be approximately 2 – 4 feet away from you during the time of the visit.
  • The provider may ask you to walk or move so they can review your gait or range of motion.


  • It is recommended that you are alone or at least in a private room for your visit.
  • The area should be quiet, free from distraction, and without background noise.


  • The provider may need to see the injured area or the area of your body where you are experiencing pain.
  • This may include the front, back, and sides of the joint.
  • Ensure that your attire will allow for the affected area to be seen.

At the Time of the Visit

  • Log in to the app 10 – 15 minutes ahead of your visit.
  • Remain in the OrthoLive app. Texting or using other phone apps may cause the OrthoLive app to close.
  • Please be patient.
    • Visits are normally on-time.
    • There may be a very short wait in the virtual “waiting room.”