Dr. Yahuaca Discusses Shoulder Fractures on National Stage

On Saturday, October 19, Dr. B. Israel Yahuaca was a presenter at the annual meeting for the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) association in New York City.

Dr. Yahuaca presented a co-authored paper with a thorough analysis of the treatments for different types of proximal humerus fractures. Proximal humerus fractures are a type of shoulder fracture that affects patients of all ages. 

The analysis concluded that younger patients with these fractures generally do better with a fracture repair surgery called open reduction internal fixation (ORIF). Additionally, reverse shoulder arthroplasty showed greater success for older patients and patients with more complex fractures. 

Coverage of Dr. Yahuaca’s presentation was featured on Healio, a national online news publication for health care professionals. Click the button below to read the full article.

Dr. Yahuaca at ASES 2019