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Patient Info

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In preparation for your orthopedic appointment, please print out the appropriate forms below. Please complete and bring to your first appointment.

Orthopedic Patients

Download Orthopedic Patient PDF Forms

Hand Patients

If you are seeing Dr. Aaron Anderson or Dr. Rebecca Anderson, Download Hand Patient PDF Forms

Osteoporosis Patients

If you are seeing Natalie Eddy, D.N.P., Download Osteoporosis Patient PDF Forms

Pain Patients

If you are seeing Dr. Heather Nath, Dr. Anita Rao, Stephanie Andre, N.P. or Susan Fazekas, N.P., Download Pain Patient PDF Forms

Spine Patients

If you are seeing Dr. Anton Thompkins,  Dr. Nick Nenadovich or Natalie Eddy, D.N.P., Download Spine Patient PDF Forms

Consent for Minors

If the patient is under 18, please download and complete the Consent for Minors PDF Form. If someone is accompanying the minor and you wish for them to be in the exam  room with patient, download and complete the HIPAA Friends and Family PDF Form

Authorization for Release of Medical Information

Authorization for Release of Medical Information PDF Form

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Michael C. Leland, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Michael C. Leland

Congratulations to our dear friend and colleague, Michael C. Leland, MD who retired at the end of December 2015.  Since 1982, when Dr. Leland joined Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute (formerly Valparaiso Orthopedic Clinic) he has been a pioneer in caring for the developmental and degenerative problems of the hip.  His connection to the community and dedication to his practice spurred on the fledgling orthopedic practice and assisted it to become the largest orthopedic practice in Northwest Indiana.   
More recently in 2003 he began a five year research in the treatment of hip replacements from the anterior approach.  He performed the first anterior replacement in 2008 and finished his remarkable career with more than 1000 hip replacement using this technique.   
An avid outdoorsman, his favorite pastime is watching the Lake Michigan waves from aboard his sailboat.  His well-earned retirement will bring him more time to sing and ski and sail.  
So, set sail, dear friend. Show the world the cut of your jib and let the next chapter of your life get underway.

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